BlogScientific-Technical Union of Water Affairs (STUWA), created in 1966, is a public body incorporating scientists and professionals from the whole country, dealing with investigation, design, construction and operation of water projects in Bulgaria. Members of the Union are also more then 50 companies, enterprises, research institutes and other organizations, operating in the sphere of water management.

The Scientific-Technical Union of Water Affairs in Bulgaria is the continuer and successor of the first technical society, founded in 1885 in the city of Rouse, and our entire activity is orientated towards the formulation and implementation of a scientific-technical, environmental, economic and social policy in the field of water at the national and regional level.

Our aim is to assist our members in their work through the extension of their qualification, supplying them with timely scientific and technological information and creating possibilities for getting into contacts with similar institutions both in this country and abroad. For that purpose we organize international and national conferences, congresses, forums, seminars, training courses, exhibitions etc.

We issue a review entitled "Water Affairs", which adresses the issues and problems of integrated water resources management.


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